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The quality of the EM Normandie Faculty meets our constant desire for academic excellence. Whether in terms of research or pedagogy, our lecturers/researchers bring real added-value to the departments they are associated with. 

The rich diversity of our Faculty is strengthened every year by external professionals and consultants who contribute to enriching our students’ knowledge in Management. 

The EM Normandie Faculty benefits from a professional space to express themselves in their areas of expertise and foster the dissemination of non-commercial value adding information. 

Key figures

full-time faculty members
external contributors and professionals
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of the management lecturers hold a PhD

 Academic departments

They are spread over 6 departments, which are genuine areas for disseminating knowledge to serve the various programmes in the School and the links between research and lecturing. 

HR & Organisations department

The HR and Organisations Department is in charge of lecturing in 5 main domains: Organisational Behaviour and Management, HRM, Cross-cultural Issues, Organisational Theories and Personal Development. 

Supply Chain Management and Decision Making Sciences

Supply-Chain Management is a priority axis at EM Normandie. 
The department comprises lecturers and PhDs in Logistics, Management, Law and two professionals. The objective is to support and develop national and international SCM within the School.

Its role is to guarantee quality lecturing in the subject, to develop relationships with institutions (communities and ministries), companies (SDV, CMA CGM…) and foreign universities (Dalian in PRC, Kozminski in Poland, Göeteborg in Sweden…). Three research areas have been identified: Shipping & Port SCM, Green Logistics and City Logistics.

The research unit takes part in many projects: 2CMV (Channel Maritime Value Chain), CLASSE (Logistics Corridors applied to the River Seine Valley), France ENERGIES MARINES (Renewable Marine Energies). 

Marketing Department

To efficiently meet and address the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow’s Marketing, the Marketing & Sales Department maintains close and regular cooperation with the business world, to allow its members to stay in tune with the corporate world, which allows them to feed their research and give professionals the benefit of their findings. 

The department fosters and encourages pedagogical innovation, flipped pedagogy and any other form of pedagogy that fosters learning. Lecturers/researchers are strongly encouraged to go on teaching visits with our partner universities and/or host lecturers/researchers from those universities, in order to co-teach courses, in addition to conducting research projects.  

To bring the necessary competencies in Marketing and Negotiation to students, the department shows expertise in its domains, in applied and pure research, such as Consumer Behaviour, Distribution, Sales and Negotiation Techniques, Digital and Industrial Marketing.

Law / Finance / Control

The objective of the Law, Finance and Control department is to support lecturing in these subjects and to develop them for students to be operational in the work market and possess the theoretical knowledge that will allow them mobility throughout their careers. 

Its role is to offer quality lecturing that will give EM Normandie graduates all the tools they need to demonstrate their competencies. 

Strategy and Entrepreneurship

The Strategy and Entrepreneurship department gathers lecturers/researchers and external contributors in expertise areas linked to starting, developing and turning around large and small companies. It coordinates lecturers in order to offer innovative and quality teaching inputs aligned with the best international standards. 

The department contributes to developing an entrepreneurial spirit among learners and the capacity for a strategic and holistic vision of the issues they are faced with. In this respect, the department maintains a dual opening in the academic and business worlds.  It supports and fosters continuous exchange between experienced lecturers and entrepreneurs and CEOs at regional, national and international level. 

Territory Economics and Sustainable Development

The Territory Economics and Sustainable Development department is determined to develop teaching inputs that allow students to better understand social, economic, technical, cultural environments as well as the geopolitical context which they will be facing during their professional careers. 

Future managers learn how to develop their economic and territory intelligence, to take into account ethical and environmental issues when designing their development projects and to optimise the management of those risks that could harm the success of their future organisation. 

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