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The 100 associations and projects of EM Normandie are the lifeblood of student life and energise the campuses by offering events in all areas: cultural, sporting, humanitarian, professional or simply festive.

Having knowledge is good. Using it in meaningful projects is even better.

Get involved in subjects you are passionate about. Lead concrete projects and see them blossom, develop new skills, share human adventures, and turn your passion into a profession.

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Get involved in a project with a purpose!

Help to build a school in Peru, organise an international Rugby tournament, launch an eSport or digital culture project, offer wine-tasting evenings or coordinate music events. With 17 student societies and more than 75 associations and related projects to get involved in, you will always be part of a unique experience.

EM Normandie’s associations allow you to pursue your passions.


Pôle vie étudiante

Student life


Pôle Art & Culture

Arts & Culture


Pôle Sport et Aventure

 Sport & Adventure


Pôle solidaire et développement durable

Community & Sustainable Development


Pôle vie internationale

international life 


Pôle Business


La vie associative à l'EM Normandie

Explore all community projects on our campuses

Projects fully incorporated into courses

Every week, students are given time to dedicate to community projects. This provides an opportunity to put their learning into practice, develop new skills and learn to work as a team. The school supports all of these initiatives. It provides support and training to students of all stages of the project.

All projects are encouraged and will be assessed. The primary mission of EM Normandie’s associations and societies is to enable students to start to gain professional skills, show initiative and to learn through trial and error. And for some lucky students, they will be a springboard to transforming their passion into a job!

Pierre-Guillaume Villedary

While I was studying at EM Normandie, I was the Vice-President of the Arts Society. Our role was to organise events to promote the arts within the School. This experience was the starting point of my entrepreneurial career, and the point at which I realised that I was drawn to the communications sector. I also met my business partner through the School’s associations. We went on to launch our startup, WebexpR, which specialises in business communications. This startup has now grown into a medium-sized business with around 30 employees. We generate a substantial turnover which has since enabled us to launch two further companies!

Pierre-Guillaume Villedary, Graduate of Master in Management, 2016
Co-founder of WebexpR, Desk IT et AG Print

An emotional group adventure

César, Louis, Cyril and Olivier had a dream: to spend a year cycling the Silk Road. They used the association pathway to create Colybride association, and make their dream come true.

Association Colybride

We cycled the roads of Eurasia, through a variety of landscapes, meeting people we would always remember. The trip taught us more about ourselves, our group and others, and we lived through some emotional experiences. We alternated between lamenting the impossible nature of our task, and being completely in our element. We also worked with NGOs to apply the community skills we had learned at the School.

Using this learning for a good cause was immensely satisfying. These thousands of kilometres that we spent on our bikes reminded us that our planet provides an infinite wealth of new experiences, and that we are all human, regardless of our nationality, beliefs or political opinions. We were thankful to be able to wake up every morning in a different place, using a stream or river as our bathroom, carrying our entire lives in four bags. For us, the real benefit of travelling by bike is that it allowed us to slowly immerse ourselves in each culture.

Louis Fernier, Cyril Dias, César Bygodt et Olivier Lefèvre, graduates of Master in Management, 2018
Projet Colybride

Orientation Week

Offered by EM Normandie in September to all newcomers, from France or elsewhere, on all campuses.  The entire EM Normandie community meets during the week for shared activities and social events in the day and in the evening, giving you the opportunity to discover your new city, the campuses, and the student societies. 

The Student Bureau (Bureau Des Etudiants - BDE) and the School’s Link Office create a fun, unique event to bring people together, with the highlight of the week being the Welcome Day, which is attended by around a thousand students and members of staff. It is an opportunity to go home with lots of memories in your head, an intense feeling of belonging and a desire to commit 200% during your time at EM Normandie!   

Welcome Day

Student Society Elections and the Inter-Society Day

How could you be more integrated than by joining student societies at EM Normandie? They organise a great variety of events with the aim of strengthening cohesion among the EM Normandie community and breathing life into the school in many different ways. Students are organised in societies for students, (Bureau des Elèves), culture (Bureau des Arts et de la Culture), sports (Bureau des Sports), solidarity (Bureau des Initiatives).

Each November, elections are organised to elect the new society leaders. Several lists of students stand for election during a fierce electoral campaign, which culminates in an all-day event on the campuses. The campuses are decorated around a theme that reflects the lists, with the aim of convincing you to elect the leaders who will take on responsibilities throughout the year. 
So, are you prepared to experience life at EM Normandie first hand? 

Student societies’ electoral campaigns are followed by the Inter-Society Day in January/February, which is a day to bring together and provide guidance to societies from all campuses, enabling them to get to know each another and identify best practices and ideas. 

Campagnes associatives

Inter-campus Sports Day

Students and staff members from all campuses meet in March during this event, which highlights team spirit, fair play and good humour.  A fine day of sports and togetherness! 

Sport Day

The Caen Student Carnival

Attended by almost 30,000 participants in late March/early April, this is the largest student carnival in Europe. EM Normandie Student Bureau aims to make an impact with its own float, which is decorated to illustrate a predefined theme. An opportunity to fly the school colours in the streets of Caen and to take part in one of the biggest student events of the year! 

Caen carnival

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