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EM Normandie Erasmus + Strategy Declaration 2014/2020

The EM Normandie Erasmus + Strategy is part of a global strategy that extends until 2020.

When reviewing its Grandes Ecoles Programme, EM Normandie has markedly increased its student number in Europe and its partner portfolio. 

The EM Normandie strategy regarding the selection of its partners is structured along two main lines:

  • Being relevant to the school’s programmes and requirements (accreditations, rankings) 
  • Giving the students/staff members a realistic international experience that is relevant to the study path 

To this end, EM Normandie, as the holder of the Erasmus Charter, fosters mobility in Europe for its students and staff. 

In addition, EM Normandie has developed programmes taught in English with an international dimension in order to foster in-coming flows on each of its campuses.

To Be Relevant to the School’s Programmes and Requirements (accreditations, rankings)

Every undergraduate and graduate student (Cooperative Programmes excepted) takes a study abroad. 

EM Normandie offers them study semesters/years in over 200 partner universities across the world as well as Bachelor’s or Masters level double-degrees. 

Agreements signed with various institutions are a follow-up to student’s study paths (Logistics, Management, Marketing, International Business, Entrepreneurship, HR, Finance).

EM Normandie is constantly extending its partner portfolio with new agreements in over 60 countries. 

EM Normandie’s International partners are accredited institutions or well recognised for the quality of their courses  which meet the requirements set by the school. 

To extend its partner universities portfolio to widen the range of options offered to students who wish to go abroad: is the ongoing concern at EM Normandie.

To Give the Students/Staff Members a Realistic International Experience that Is Relevant to the Study Path

A 2-semester minimum international experience gives the student a cross-cultural openness that allows him/her to develop his/her language and cultural competencies and to establish professional connections across the world. 

Furthermore, Double-Degree agreements give students who wish to do complete a year in English, Spanish or German in one of the partner institutions the opportunity to acquire a Bachelor’s or Masters Double-Degree. This offer will further strengthen the international dimension already in the student’s study path. 

EM Normandie trains future operational and bilingual managers, who are aware of corporate social responsibilities, oriented towards Management and International Business and are able to operate in a cross-cultural environment. 

Mobility enables lecturers/researchers to exchange content, best practices, research and teaching methods across the EU zone.   
Lecturers who take part in the International Days organised by some partners also have the opportunity to prepare future lecturer exchanges and joint research.   

The many exchanges with European colleagues deal with pedagogical issues, but also with professionalisation (e.g., should there be internships or not?) and exchange of best practices (communication media, team organisation, answering questions, etc.). 

The presence of many exchange students in the programmes generates a cross-cultural context on each campus and increases international openness among EM Normandie students and staff.  

EM Normandie student and staff mobility is operated in close links with the European regional partners regional economy. 

Alexandra Laasri
International Development Manager
+33 (0)2 32 92 59 99