une école digitale

A Digital School

Digital activities are at the heart of the School: both in the EM Normandie pedagogical approaches and in the programmes with an orientation towards tomorrow’s occupations.

A Digital Learning Ecosystem

Educational technologies form an integral part of the School’s pedagogical practices. Thus, La SmartEcole®, a whole ecosystem dedicated to learning, allows students to access digital services available 24/7, remotely and on any medium.  
La SmartEcole® develops new ways of learning and working in business organisations. Collaborative work, flipped class, Serious Games, social networks, MOOCs, blogs, are used by lecturers to turn you into the actors of your own training, able to produce individual or team work, to build presentations, to lead projects, to co-construct, to know how to adapt to new situations, in short- to turn you into individuals able to operate in a new professional environment changed digital technologies. 

‘Bob’, a telepresence robot, is a full member of the EM Normandie digital team. ‘He’ will allow students who, for some personal reasons, cannot be physically present on campus to attend virtually with their peers. ‘Bob’ helps maintain a strong social link.   

Students in a classroom

Programmes Digital Dedicated

In all the school’s programmes (Grandes Ecoles Programme, Bachelor, etc.), you will be confronted with digital stakes: you can use digital tools in ultra-connected rooms, to live online with business or international university prominent individuals, to be actors in the social room, etc.

You may decide to take training programmes specific to digital occupations, using powerful digital tools. These training programmes are adapted to your professional project and are deliberately oriented towards tomorrow’s occupations. 

100% Digital Training Programmes

100% digital customised training programmes are offered to business organisations. In order to take up the challenge of its digital transformation, a firm must seek advice, be supported and bring the competencies required for success to its team members. EM Normandie is there to help you design the training scheme which is relevant to your digital transformation project: social networks, management change, big data, artificial intelligence are some of the many challenges that the firm must be ale to take up in the medium term.  

E-learning Programmes

EM Normandie e-learning programmes are another strong point for the school and they are specially adapted to those who wish to live their training programmes differently by engaging in two activities simultaneously without any time or location constraints. With EM Normandie e-Learning, you learn at your own pace as you need it while being supported by the school’s instructors. Our e-learning programmes meet the needs and expectations of business organisations. 

For instance, you may take the Master in management entirely on an e-learning basis as an Executive Education programme in 1 or 2 years.

The Student Intranet and SmartEcole Campus

The Student intranet is a bilingual collaborative student portal that enables you to access a range of tools and services from your tablet or PC: mailbox, course schedule, internship and employment offers, information on the school, student society activities, full web ERP, course evaluations, etc. 

All your media and other collaborative documents are accessed freely on the SmartEcole campus. Wherever you are and whenever you like, you have 24/7 access to this digital campus. A very smart way to acquire the basic knowledge before going to class in order to live the experience in a more interactive and collaborative way.

All courses and pedagogical resources are available on-line. Over 40% of the continuous assessment (tests, MCQs or submitting a file or a thesis) is integrated in the Smart approach. Some courses on video are also available on a streaming basis on the digital campus. 

Cutting-edge Technology Spaces


The Le Havre Campus has organised a fully connected social room to encourage interaction between EM Normandy community members in a stimulating environment which fosters collaborative work via a TV and radio studio.

The HackUairum is also dedicated to live social network management and analysis. A real life studio, the social room is a meeting space where you may create your original and exclusive content for social networks (facebook live, snapchat videos, stories,…)

Find out more about the Social Room and the 2.0 School


Ultra-connected Lecture Rooms

EM Normandie is equipped with cutting-edge audio-visual infrastructures that allow interaction between students and lecturers in the class as well as interconnection between various lecture rooms on all 5 campuses.

In an eco-citizenship spirit, the operation of such infrastructures is piloted by artificial intelligence in order to optimise energy consumption in the 147 EM Normandie lecture rooms.   

Campus amphitheatres are equipped with video filming and streaming to enable students to re-play or attend courses online.