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Covid-19, EM Normandie implements new measures

This page is regularly updated to inform you on the decisions and measures taken by the Executive Management of EM Normandie and its crisis unit regarding the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic. It also provides links to official information websites and health instructions to be followed.

Situation report as of November 6th 2020

Situation report as of November 2nd 2020

Situation report as of October 29th 2020

Reopening of campuses at the start of the 2020 academic year

Reminder of the actions carried out by EM Normandy since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis

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Health Instructions

Situation report as of November 6th 2020

Read the safer travel guidance for passengers in England.

Situation report as of November 2nd 2020

Read the new national restrictions from November 5th for Oxford Campus.

Message d'Elian Pilvin, Directeur Général de l'EM Normandie

Situation report as of October 29th 2020

Faced with the resurgence of the Covid-19 epidemic in Europe and following announcements by the French government, higher education institutions are obliged to close their doors.

This is why our three national campuses are closing tonight (Caen, Le Havre and Paris).

From tomorrow, Friday 30 October, and until the Christmas holidays, classes and part-workshops will be given 100% distance learning. Everything is being done to guarantee our students a learning experience that is as rich and formative as ever through quality teaching and a range of services that meet their requirements:

  • Classes schedules remain unchanged.
  • The Flex Rooms, which have been equipped over the last few months and adapted to be 100% distance learning, will enable them to keep the essential links with the teachers and other students and to benefit at all times from our active and experiential practices conducive to the acquisition of knowledge.
  • All the teams at EM Normandie - Management, Faculty, The Hub, International Relations, Companies and Careers, Associations and Activities, Balance and Inclusion, Information Systems, Alumni EM Normandie... - remain to be mobilised to support students on a daily basis.

Reopening of campuses at the start of the 2020 academic year (September 2020) and implementation of a Business Resumption Plan

After several weeks of closure of these sites, the COMEX, in agreement with the President of the school, decided on a partial and gradual resumption of activity on the sites and a reopening of the campuses to students from 31 August.

In order to provide a framework for the resumption of activity by employees at the Caen, Le Havre and Paris sites, a Business Resumption Plan (BRP) was drawn up and amended when necessary.

When the campuses reopened to students, a specific BRP was drawn up for students called "BRPS" on September, 7th 2020.

This document summarises all the "documented procedures for restoring and resuming activities based on temporary measures adopted to meet normal business requirements after an incident". 1 ISO Standard 22301, Societal Security - Business Continuity Management Systems, article 8.4.5 Recovery.

The objective of this BRPS is to define the contours of the resumption of all or part of the teaching activity at the start of the academic year on national campuses in the context of the Covid-19 health crisis.

It sets out the conditions for coming to the campuses, as well as the teaching methods deployed to protect both employees in the course of their work and the students on site. The provisions are detailed in the document, but the main instructions are as follows:

  • Wearing a mask is compulsory on all campuses.
  • The respect of barrier gestures must remain rigorous and permanent.
  • Vigilance on social distances to be within 1 metre of each other.


Simple gestures to protect us from transmission of the coronavirus

Read the full BRPS


Specific guidelines for Oxford and Dublin campuses

Specific guidelines have been drawn up for the Oxford and Dublin campuses.

Oxford Campus

The Oxford campus health regulations include the following points:

- obligation to wear the mask at all times,

- respect social distancing,

- prohibition of stays on campus outside of classes (no kitchen, no chill room, no co-working space, no offices such as BDE, BDA, BDS)

- one-way traffic,

- regular hand washing.

Read the protocol for Oxford Campus

Dublin Campus

Read the protocol for Dublin Campus


The TousAntiCovid application for breaking drive chains.

Faced with the acceleration of the epidemic, we encourage you to use the TousAntiCovid application, which is complementary to the existing set of barrier measures against Covid-19.

This application, launched by the Government on October, 22th 2020, aims to facilitate information for people who have been in contact with a person who has tested positive for Covid-19 and to speed up their care, in addition to the action of doctors and the Health Insurance.

More information about the application

Download the app

Google Play

Google Play

Back-to-school in 2020: the School sets up the teaching system in phygital mode with the "Twinning Delivery" model.

In accordance with the directives of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, EM Normandie has implemented its back-to-school protocol: sequenced student reception, multimodal pedagogy, specific measures for international students, faculty training : the Business School has made every effort to ensure the safety of its community, to guarantee optimal learning conditions and offer a rich and formative learning experience.

In order to respect the measures of physical distancing imposed in learning spaces, EM Normandie has implemented a multimodal pedagogy allowing students to follow the same class at the same time, whether face-to-face or distance learning, with a teacher physically present in the classroom.

The School has invested nearly €800,000 and transformed more than 100 training rooms into Flex Rooms on its 5 campuses to implement this model of Twinning Delivery, which consists of welcoming only 50% of its students face-to-face and giving lessons to the other students at a distance.

Since the start of the 2020 academic year, this teaching system has made it possible to respect the physical distance measures by welcoming only half of the students on campus.

In this academic year, marked by a resurgence of the Covid-19 epidemic, the School has also further strengthened health measures on its various sites, thus emphasising prevention, safety and innovation serving the learning experience.

EM Normandy has reinforced its Business Resumption Plan (BRP) with the following actions: compulsory wearing of masks in closed and open spaces, appointment of a COVID-19 referent for the group assisted on each site by the campus director and a logistics and HR coordination unit, information on the nearest free testing points and on what to do in the event of contact with a person who has tested positive. Self-service hydro-alcoholic gel, circulation circuits, multilingual safety instructions, daily disinfection of classrooms and communal living areas.

Reminder of the actions carried out by EM Normandy since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis

Since the beginning of this health crisis, EM Normandy has done everything possible to protect its employees and students by getting involved in the fight against Covid-19.

From the outset, the School has taken measures to protect its staff and students in France and abroad while maintaining academic excellence. Thus, from March to August all the sites were closed, almost all employees carried out their work remotely and teaching activities were provided remotely for all students.

In its situation report of Feb. 5th 2020, EM Normandy set up an internal monitoring unit to follow the progress of events. The unit was already in direct contact with the CGE (conference of Grandes Ecoles), mandated since January 29th 2020 by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, to relay any information and recommendations relating to developments in the situation. The School has also cancelled outgoing mobilities to China and solutions for the reorganisation of courses have been proposed to the students who had to go there.

In this situation, the WHO (World Health Organisation) guidelines were transmitted in order to minimise any risk of infection applying to Covid-19.

In its situation report of Feb. 25th 2020, the School sent information to students and staff who had returned from an exhibition area, reminding them of the detailed recommendations of the Minister for Solidarity and Health.

In its situation report of March 2nd 2020, the School indicated an adjustment to its international mobility policy for students and permanent staff of the school, namely that any departure of an employee for a foreign country had to be validated by the HR department and that students had to contact the International Affairs department to manage their mobility.

In its situation report of March 9th 2020, the School banned going to the French clusters referenced at that time by the Government. It strongly encouraged its staff to postpone or cancel non-essential travel in France and abroad, including inter-campus travel, and to give priority to the use of online resources.

In its situation report of March 10th 2020, the School suspended all new starts for academic stays for its students and forbade the departure of students for internships in high-risk areas. It reminded students on international mobility programmes of the importance of complying with the regulations in force in the country in which they were studying. She also strongly advised against travelling on French territory and banned travelling to the clusters identified at the time. Following the ban on gatherings of more than 1,000 people, all events that were then planned were postponed by decision of the school and/or the authorities.

In its situation report of March 13th 2020, and following the declaration of the President of the French Republic the previous evening, the School announced the closure for students and the public of the Caen, Le Havre and Paris Campuses as from Saturday March 14th for an indefinite period, and the closure of the Dublin and Oxford Campuses on the same day. In order to ensure pedagogical continuity, the School has introduced distance learning courses from March 30th.

EM Normandie has made every effort to find satisfactory solutions for the smooth running of its students' schooling, in strict compliance with health regulations. Students were also reminded to respect all barrier measures to protect their health and other people’s health. Specific instructions were also sent to students on academic expatriation, international students staying at the School and to the School's partner universities.

In its situation report of March 16th 2020 and while waiting for the President of the French Republic to speak, the School set up a crisis unit in the morning in order to anticipate the announcement of a possible confinement in all or part of the national territory. The School had already asked employees to stay at home and follow government instructions to help curb the spread of the virus as much as possible, and had begun to organise teleworking arrangements for all staff.

In its situation report of March 17th 2020 and following the speech by the President of the French Republic, the School closed to staff membres Caen, Le Havre and Paris campuses, which were already closed for students. Teleworking was generalised with the use of telephones and other digital tools. Additional instructions were sent to students on academic expatriation, in particular for their return to France.

The EM Normandie e.learning system enabled students to complete their semester via this system.

In its situation report of March 25th 2020, the School gave some explanations about the continuity of teaching in distance mode and provided details on the planned arrangements for classes. Teachers have been trained to master the virtual classroom tool and to manage their own training space with the deposit of courses on the SmartEcole campus. Partial exams have also been adapted for distance learning.

In its situation report of April 30th 2020, an information webinar was organised in order to allow participants to discuss with the School's General Management. Various subjects on the organisation of the end of the year, the international departures 2020-2021, the changes linked to internships and work-study programmes and the start of the 2020 academic year were discussed.

Health Instructions

We are all concerned by the sanitary instructions to reduce the risks of contagion.

To achieve this, please follow theses guidance:

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Use disposable tissues
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow
  • Avoid hugs and handshakes

Current recommendations specify that the wearing of sanitary masks is not appropriate except for health and emergency personnel. This measure applies to all parties involved: students, employees and visitors.