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SESAME National Test Bank

Candidates may use one of several admissions processes to join our Business School. Among them is the Concours SESAME, which is common to 8 institutions, including EM Normandie.

Concours SESAME comprises a series of written and oral tests open to candidates in their final year of secondary education (general or technological options) or a foreign equivalent level of studies. It is currently one of the most well-recognised admissions tests and makes the application process easier as it serves for several international business and management schools.

Presentation of this ‘Post-Baccalauréat’ Admissions Test Bank

(Note: A ‘Baccalauréat’ is a French secondary education exit diploma) 

The SESAME test bank (Session d'Epreuves Spécifiques à l'Admission au Management Européen et international) brings together 14 business schools. At EM Normandie, the programme eligible is the Master in Management - Bac access programme, the diploma of which is approved by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation as Bac+5 and confers the degree of Master. It also has international EQUIS and AACSB accreditations.

The particularity of this test bank is the possibility of applying to several institutions since a candidate can make several applications. This allows candidates to have a wider choice, and depending on the results, to select the business school that corresponds to their expectations and ambitions.

Accessible without necessarily going through a preparation centre, this test bank opens is an entry point to many international post-baccalaureate programmes. On the SESAME website, free tools are available to candidates to help them prepare their tests: annals of previous years' tests, quizzes and a mobile application.

At EM Normandie, we organise free presentation and training days every year on the Caen and Paris campuses to prepare the written and oral tests of the competition.

Registration Procedures for the Current Academic Year

The admissions test process comprises several important steps:

  1. On-line registration : from end-January to mid-March 2020 on Parcoursup
  2. School-of-choice confirmation : from mid-March to early-April 2020 on Parcoursup
  3. Written test: 8 April 2020
  4. Written test results: 16 April 2020 on mySesame
  5. Oral test: from 17 April to 6 May 2020. As soon as the results of the writing test are available, candidates have until 20 April to make an appointment with the schools on the oral calendar made available on mySesame
  6. Final admission results: mid-May 2020

Registration Fees for Concours SESAME 2019

  • €195 for one application (50% discount for holders of state grants for the current year) 
  • €30 per additional programme applied to (50% discount for holders of state grants for the current year) 

Please contact us if you have further questions.

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