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Companies & carreer

Due to support from many professional actors, the School can sustain its objective to train your future staff members. Prepared for the real working world, they will contribute to the growth of your company.

When joining our School’s network of companies, you will be a privileged partner and invest in the talents of tomorrow. You will also contribute to the development of your profile as an employer by maintaining your image among students.
Mathilde Brossier
Brand and Experience Director EM Normandie

Recruiting your future talent

The School’s Companies & Careers Service will support you during your recruitment process in finding those future talents your company is seeking.

Cooperating Contracts, Internship Offers, Junior Consulting Projects, … Contact EM Normandie students and take part in their professional achievements!...
EM Normandie

Collaborating with our lecturer-researchers

Contribute to the development of our research and our pedagogy by participating in the establishment of an endowed chair or by becoming a School sponsor.

EM Normandie Executive Education: a team at your service

Whether for a Degree or Certifying Training Programme, inter-company or intra-company customised options, take advantage of a full range of options to enhance your competencies, on-campus or by e-learning.
5 campuses : Caen, Le Havre, Paris, Oxford and Dublin


Apprenticeship Tax

French companies have the possibility to pay their apprenticeship tax to EM Normandie. This way, they can support the school's projects and contribute to the quality of training for their future employees.

For EM Normandie, it represents a considerable growth lever since it contributes directly...


Extending your network

When partnering with EM Normandie, you join a network of [variableEntity:55] companies directly associated with the School’s life. It’s a good way to boost your profile as an employer among students and to take part directly in their professional inclusion.

Partnering with the school

When becoming an EM Normandie partner, you contribute to its success and to the growth dynamics of your own firm. Many schemes are deployed to meet your needs and foster synergies between the professional and the academic worlds.