Khaireddine Mouakhar directeur de la filiale de Dubaï

Appointment at EM Normandie: Khaireddine Mouakhar, Director of the Dubai branch

Khaireddine Mouakhar, former Director of the Caen campus, is to head the new UAE branch of the Business School in Dubai. This is a highly strategic position for EM Normandie, which is seeking to become the first world-class French post-baccalaureate higher education and research institution.
Welcome Weeks 2021

At EM Normandie Business School, the new academic year means “Back to Real Life” and the chance to thrive

Our student years are often considered to be the best years of our life, yet young people have been hit hard by the health crisis in 2020-2021. EM Normandie has therefore gone the extra mile to promise a warm and friendly start to the new academic year focusing on what matters most: getting together, interaction, good spirit and kindness and giving everyone a role to play, as students rediscover their zest for learning and being part of a tight-knit community. Fun-filled Welcome Weeks, with academic undertones, are set to go ahead for ALL students on the Caen, Le Havre, Paris, Oxford and Dublin campuses. In a School that is attracting an ever-increasing number of learners, the teams have so many exciting ideas in mind for welcoming students.
L’EM Normandie s’installe sur un nouveau campus parisien

EM Normandie makes its mark with its new resolutely contemporary, eye-catching high-tech Parisian campus

EM Normandie Business School opens its new campus in January 2022, designed by architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte. This 14,000 m2 development is located just within Clichy, at the gateway to Paris. It embodies the Business School’s unique student experience with its warm and contemporary feel, functional, modular and connected features and green credentials. Students will have access to beautiful interior terraces and gardens, EdTech equipment, comfortable spaces for learning, co-working, dining and sport, and staff based on-campus. This open-plan, futuristic campus comprises ten floors of elegant training and shared spaces for students, professionals, entrepreneurs and graduates. With a capacity of 3000, it will offer a wide range of training, from post-Baccalaureate to executive education.
Rentrée 2020 EM Normandie

EM Normandie 2020 intake: phygital teaching and news

Prevention, safety and innovation set the tone for the new academic year at EM Normandie where students began learning “phygital” style on Monday 14 September. Recently built on its new campus in Le Havre, its “flagship” on the Le Havre campus in Normandy, the school is also revealing a new performance-based structure.
Rentrée 2020 EM Normandie

Start of the 2020 academic year : EM Normandie Business School will be hosting students using its new ‘phygital’ learning system

EM Normandie is currently implementing procedures for the start of the academic year, in accordance with the latest health guidelines issued by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (Ministère de lʼEnseignement Supérieur de la Recherche et de lʼInnovation – MESRI). The Business School is making every effort to ensure the safety of its community, guarantee optimal learning conditions and provide a rich and formative learning experience with processes which include scheduled arrival of students, multimodal teaching, specific processes for international students and training of teaching staff.
5700 masks distributed

Covid-19 : EM Normandie Business School gives 5700 FFP2 masks to caregivers

To make up for the shortage and to help protect caregivers, EM Normandie has decided to distribute the 5,700 FFP2 masks it has had since the influenza A H1N1 epidemic.
L’EM Normandie est ré-accréditée EQUIS

EQUIS Accreditation renewed for EM Normandie

EM Normandie has been awarded its first renewal of the International EQUIS Accreditation for another 3 years. Following the renewal of its AACSB Accreditation, this latest success bears evidence of the School’s potential for growth in a context of excellence and ranks it among the best business schools in the world. Indeed, less than 200 Universities and Business Schools are EQUIS Accredited and only 5% of them hold the double EQUIS/AACSB accreditation. The School’s international orientation, its development strategy, its potential for innovation as well as its strong internal cohesion were recognised. These are as many assets to pursue its expansion and stand out in a more and more competitive environment.
Rentrée 2019 à l'EM Normandie

Yet another record year at EM Normandie

Still spurred on by a dynamic and strong growth, EM Normandie has once again confirmed its attractiveness this year. All in all, 1,650 new students will join its Initial Education degree programmes (Master in management, Bachelor in International Management, MS/MSc & Postgraduate), a record +27% increase over 2018.
Elian Pilvin, futur Directeur Général de l'EM Normandie

Elian Pilvin to succeed Jean-Guy Bernard as Director General of EM Normandie

François Raoul-Duval, the Chairman of the EM Normandie Board of Directors, has appointed Elian Pilvin, the School’s current Director of Operations and Development, as the future Director General of EM Normandie. This decision has been approved by the Board of Directors and Elian Pilvin will succeed Jean-Guy Bernard, the School’s Director General since 2004, who is to retire in a few months.
Réaccréditation AACSB 2019

EM Normandie is reaccredited by AACSB for 5 years

EM Normandie has been reaccredited by AACSB for 5 years. This extension by the accreditation committee is a tribute to the school’s strategic options. This reflects its excellence and ability to re-invent itself and meet the new challenges raised by business organisations by educating agile and responsible managers.