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Rentrée 2019 à l'EM Normandie

Yet another record year at EM Normandie

Still spurred on by a dynamic and strong growth, EM Normandie has once again confirmed its attractiveness this year. All in all, 1,650 new students will join its Initial Education degree programmes (Master in management, Bachelor in International Management, MS/MSc & Postgraduate), a record +27% increase over 2018.
Laurence Boiteux

Laurence Boiteux joins EM Normandie as Director of International Development

Laurence Boiteux joins EM Normandie as Director of International Development. Her main missions will be to manage and extend the portfolio of accredited international partner universities, to develop and lead student outward and inward mobility and to take part in the internationalisation of the school’s degree programmes. She will be managing a team of 11 international office staff.
Elian Pilvin, futur Directeur Général de l'EM Normandie

Elian Pilvin to succeed Jean-Guy Bernard as Director General of EM Normandie

François Raoul-Duval, the Chairman of the EM Normandie Board of Directors, has appointed Elian Pilvin, the School’s current Director of Operations and Development, as the future Director General of EM Normandie. This decision has been approved by the Board of Directors and Elian Pilvin will succeed Jean-Guy Bernard, the School’s Director General since 2004, who is to retire in a few months.
Réaccréditation AACSB 2019

EM Normandie is reaccredited by AACSB for 5 years

EM Normandie has been reaccredited by AACSB for 5 years. This extension by the accreditation committee is a tribute to the school’s strategic options. This reflects its excellence and ability to re-invent itself and meet the new challenges raised by business organisations by educating agile and responsible managers.

EM Normandie and UMass Boston College of Management organise the International Colloquium on ‘Corporate Social Responsibility across the Atlantic’ in Boston on 22, 23 & 24 May 2019

EM Normandie andthe College of Management at University of Massachusetts, Boston (UMCBM), are jointly hosting an International Colloquium on ‘Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) across the Atlantic’ on May 22-24, 2019, in Boston (USA).
Le Havre campus

EM Normandie & The Digital City: A campus building at the crossroads of innovation and economic life: the French Tech Mill in Le Havre

Two ministers attend the visit organised at the future EM Normandie & Digital City building site.

A record recruitment year and a new brand identity for EM Normandie

After two record years in 2016 and 2017, EM Normandie is again experiencing an increase in student numbers for this 2018-2019 academic year. 1,300 new students have just joined the initial education degree programmes – a 6% increase over last year - which confirms its development dynamics.

EM Normandie & La Cité Numérique to berth at Quai Frissard in 2019

The consortium formed between SOGEA Nord-Ouest and Architects Groupe 6 & Pierre Champenois, has been commissioned to build the future premises of EM Normandie and the ‘Digital City’ in Le Havre (Normandy)

EM Normandie opens a Campus in Dublin (Ireland) and offers a New Specialised Option in Oxford (UK) as well

EM Normandie will extend its international programme offer as from September 2017 with a New Campus in Dublin (Ireland) and a New Specialised Option in Banking, Finance & FinTEch at its Oxford Campus (UK).

New appointment at EM Normandie: Claudia Sampel as Director of International Development

Claudia Sampel has just joined EM Normandie as Directrice du développement international. With a team of experienced professionals, she is to manage the School’s strategy for the international deployment of programmes. She is also in charge of promoting the School’s brand image and reputation, and to form new partnerships with foreign universities.