Christine BERNADAS

Academic Director of Graduate Program Information Systems Management - Associate Professor in Information Systems

Discipline department
Supply Chain Management & Decision Sciences
Teaching area
Information System
Christine Bernadas is Associate Professor in Information Systems. She is the Head of the Information Systems
Management Program at EM Normandie. She lectures on Information Systems and Research Methods. Dr.
Bernadas holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Texas A&M International in Information Systems
Management (MIS) and international Business (IB), and she also taught in Quebec and the USA. Her recent
research work focuses on the impact of Information Systems and Information Technologies on organizations
along three main axes: impact on SMEs, international impact (cross‐cultural research), and impact of
enterprise systems (such as ERPs) from buying to maintenance. She has published this work in Peer Reviewed
Journals such as Journal of Enterprise Information Management (JEIM) or Long Range Planning.
Ph.D. International Business Administration, J.R. Sanchez School of
business, Texas A&M International University-Laredo-TX-USA, 2007
Professional experience
  • Since 2011 : Professor in Information Systems - EM Normandie
  • 2007 - 2011 : Assistant Professor, Central Washington University
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Year of publication


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Academic communications
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Academic communications
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Academic communications
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Academic communications
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Other academic contributions

Pena-Sanchez, R, Verville, J & Bernadas, C 2011, 'Isolating the key variables for Regression Models in Enterprise Software Acquisition Decisions: A Blocking Technique', Journal of Business & Economics Research, vol. 5, no. 8, pp.57-66

Other academic contributions
Palanisamy, R, Verville, J & Bernadas, C 2010, 'Cultural Influences on the Decision Process for Acquiring Enterprise Software: A Comparison of Mexico and United States', International Journal of Global Management Studies (IJGMS), vol. 2, no. 2, pp.35-66
Other academic contributions

Bernadas, C & Culié, J-D 2016, 'Silver Economie : Opportunités en Normandie', Rencontres e-Santé "Parcours Patient", Pôle TES, Caen, France, 20 octobre

Communications in professional conferences