stratégie de l'école

The Business School’s Strategy

EM Normandie is launching its 2021-2030 strategic plan, with a stated philosophy of "School for Life, School for Good".

EM Normandie wants its new strategy to be agile, in phase with a constantly changing world, but also more forward-looking with a 10-year horizon.

The strategic orientations for 2030 are the result of a collective work led by the "Missions and Strategic Orientations" group. Their thinking was informed by the work of a hundred or so employees, students, graduates and experts from the academic and professional world who were asked to reflect on the School of tomorrow, the profession of teacher-researcher, the programmes and the ideal student experience.

EM Normandie's reason to exist was a natural choice: to inspire and train the generations of yesterday, today and tomorrow to become the actors of a sustainable world: free to think, free to learn, free to create.

School for life school for good

Today, in order to achieve this, it is more important than ever to place the student at the centre of developments and to adopt a new way of thinking: that of School for Life.

At its own level, EM Normandie must also be an actor in this sustainable world by inventing a new model: School for Good. This involves committing the organisation to a transformation of its model to have a positive environmental and societal impact by 2030 and to involve all stakeholders, employees, students, institutions and partners in this change. 


Strategic orientations

Giving meaning to actions, placing coherence at the heart of performance and collectively supporting these changes are the cement of the Business School's strategic orientations.  

To outline the School of tomorrow, EM Normandie intends to develop its actions around three pillars:

1. Providing an enhanced student experience:  

  • To make the student the actor of his training by offering him/her a set of "Student Oriented" services, allowing him/her to reveal him/her talents and build him/her professional future through a personalised pathway.
  • Intensify the concept of "Test and Learn", learning through experience. 
  • To consider the student as the main actor of change, to make him/her a "Game Changer", an agile professional capable of changing the world. 
  • Enable the student to evolve in a digital environment on campus and through the WARD platform, the first Metaverse in the world of Grandes Ecoles by 2026, accessible to students and graduates throughout their lives.

2. Conquering new worlds (territories, world of work and research): 

  • Expand the School's international presence by developing the current campuses in Oxford and Dublin and by creating new campuses in world port cities on other continents.
  • Rely on the International Advisory Board, a new body bringing together personalities from the academic and professional worlds and graduates, to increase the School's international influence and make the campuses true cosmopolitan meeting places where cultures and nationalities rub shoulders.
  • Develop a forward-looking vision of skills and professions, with the creation of the "Future Skills Observatory" to inform and guide the content of the programmes and support offered by the School.
  • Establish a "Smart Office" research ecosystem to intensify the work of teacher-researchers. 

3. Preparing as an institution for major changes 

  • To be an efficient, contributing, learning and resilient organisation.
  • To be part of a business model to anticipate and model the changes in higher education in the future and build a stimulating HR policy.
  • Build a stimulating HR policy to support the workforce in exercising new professions and exploring new ways of working (Flex Office, etc.).
  • Make campuses into hybrid models, interfaces between the worlds of education and business, where people and knowledge meet, where the public mixes to participate in the construction of a sustainable world.


Projection to 2030

EM Normandie aims to become France's leading world-class post-baccalaureate education and research institution.

Un groupe d'étudiant souriant
  • 8 500 students
  • 2 500 students on work-study programmes
  • 115 M€ of turnover  
  • 43 000 Alumni 
  • 200 permanent professors
  • 650 employees
  • 10 campuses
  • 40 000 m² of buildings 
Solène Heurtebis
Director of Strategy and Performance Management
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