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The Business School's rankings

As a strategic tool in the decision-making process for future students and their parents, press rankings provide a global view of business schools and the quality of their training.

EM Normandie and its programmes appear in the most prestigious rankings published each year by the national and international media. Built around criteria and methodologies specific to each edition, 3 main pillars are at the heart of the evaluations for the most recognised rankings

  • Academic excellence: accreditations, labels, quality of the teaching staff, quality of research, selectivity at entry...
  • School-company relations: internships, work-study programmes, professional integration of young graduates, entrepreneurship, events with companies, etc.
  • The place given to the international scene: university partnerships, expatriate students, double degrees, graduates working abroad, internationalisation of the faculty, etc.


Discover the Business School's latest rankings

Top Business Schools in Europe - Financial Times rankings

EM Normandie has been making a name for itself in international rankings for several years and is notably listed in the Financial Times Top 90 European Business Schools.

Financial Times
86th December 2021

National Thematic Rankings of Business Schools

Best Business School for:

logo Index Happy at School

Choose My Company 

8th March 2022
Speak & Act
5th March 2022
Les Echos Start X Change Now
9th October 2021

Supply Chain Management

1st June 2021

 Marketing digital

3rd June 2021

Master in Management - Rankings of best Post Baccalaureate Business Schools

The EM Normandie Master's degree is a programme of excellence. It has been ranked for several years in the Top 3 Post Baccalaureate Master's programmes in France. French students may join this programme right after high school by taking an entrance exam while international students may join this Master in Management in the 4th year by completing a file.

Le Parisien Etudiant
3rd May 2022



December 2021


6th December 2021
3rd December 2021
Le Figaro Etudiant
4th November 2021
Le Moci
9th July 2021

Master in Management - Rankings of best Post Baccalaureate and Post "classes préparatoires" Business Schools awarding the "Grade de Master"

EM Normandie is in the Top 20 of schools accessible after a 2-year diploma in the Challenges, Le Parisien Etudiant and Le Figaro Etudiant's rankings.

French students may join this programme after a "classes preparatoire" or in parallel admission with a 2-to 5-year diploma by taking a competitive entrance exam. International students may join this Master in Management in the 4th year by completing an application file.

Le Point
16th March 2022



December 2021


20th December 2021
18th November 2021
Le Figaro Etudiant
21st November 2021
Financial Times
73rd September 2020
QS World University Rankings
78th September 2021

Bachelor International Management - Rankings of the best Bachelor's programmes

The EM Normandie Bachelor's programme is in the Top 10 of the best Bachelors in Challenges and Moci rankings. French students may join this programme right after high school by taking an entrance exam or in the 3rd year by application file. International students may join the programme by application file, in the 1st year or in the 3rd year.

Le Parisien Etudiant
9th March 2022
5th March 2022
8th December 2021
13rd December 2021
Le Moci
3rd Mars 2020

MS & MSc - Best Masters - Eduniversal

After your Master's degree in a Business School, engineering school or other higher education institution, develop cutting-edge expertise in the fields of management, digital marketing, logistics, finance, etc. Some of these specialisations are also available in the final year of the Master in Management programme.

MSc International Marketing and Business Development
(MSc Cross-Cultural Marketing and Negotiation)
2nd March 2022
MS Marketing, communication et ingénierie des produits agroalimentaires 4th March 2022
MSc International Events Management 5th March 2022
MS Stratégie marketing et développement commercial 5th March 2022
MS Manager des ressources humaines 19th March 2022
MSc Supply Chain Management 21st March 2022
MSc International Logistics and Port Management 24th March 2022
MS Stratégie marketing et développement commercial 26th March 2022

MS & MSc - Best Masters Degrees worlwide rankings - Eduniversal

MSc International Events Management 12th May 2021
MSc International Logistics and Port Management 19th May 2021
MS Str@tégies de développement & territoires 26th May 2021
MS Marketing, communication et ingénierie des produits agroalimentaires 25th May 2021
FAQ: Business School Rankings

What is the purpose of the Business School rankings?

The rankings produced by the various national and international media are an important tool in the choice of orientation for students. Whether global or personalised, they allow students and their parents to choose a school according to pre-established criteria. However, while they provide an excellent insight into the courses offered, press rankings should not be the only tool for choosing a School. It is also important to know that the national rankings only measure the programmes of the most reputable Schools (38 for the Master in Management).

How are Business School rankings made?

The rankings are based on an analysis of various criteria specific to each medium, which evaluate the schools and their programmes on the quality of their teaching and research, their faculty, their international outlook, their selectivity, their academic recognition (accreditations, labels, etc.), their relations with companies and the professional integration of young graduates. Some rankings may also focus on specific themes such as entrepreneurship or digital technology.

In which Business School rankings can you find EM Normandie?

EM Normandie is ranked in the main national and international rankings. In France, the School is notably present in the rankings of the best Post Baccalaureate and Post "classes préparatoires" schools for its Master in Management programme, in the best Bachelors with its Bachelor International Management programme and the best Specialised Masters (MS) and MSc. At the international level, it is doubly ranked by the Financial Times as one of the best Masters in Management in the world with its Bachelor International Management programme and as one of the best European Business Schools for the overall quality of its training activities.

How to choose a Business School?

There are several indicators to assess the recognition of a Grande Ecole and its programmes at national and international level.

Among the national labels, we find State recognition, the EESPIG qualification and membership of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE), a highly selective circle of 38 Grandes Écoles in France. Compliance with international standards is assessed through the international accreditations EQUIS and AACSB: EM Normandie is among the Top 1% of doubly accredited business schools worldwide. With regard to the recognition of programmes, there are visas and "grades" that are issued by the CEFDG. As far as rankings are concerned, some allow the schools themselves to be evaluated, while others concern their training programmes.

Read the article: What are the criteria for choosing a Business School?

Why join a Business School?

Join a programme of excellence designed above all for your professional integration.

Multiply your academic, international, professional, associative and student life experiences to build yourself professionally and personally. Become a multidisciplinary manager by developing fundamental knowledge in marketing, project management, accounting, economics, finance, foreign languages, communication... Become a real expert in your favourite field by choosing your specialisation at the end of the course. In addition, you will benefit from individualised support throughout your course with dedicated "Career Path" teams. You will draw up a career plan that suits you in order to achieve your career goals and to build an attractive profile that is highly valued by recruiters.

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