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Bachelor International Management

The EM Normandie Bachelor in Management is accredited by EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA and delivers a Bachelor's degree recognised worldwide. It is a programme of excellence, regularly ranked in the Top 10 of French bachelor's programmes.
TOP 10 in French rankings
Cooperative track
Teaching in english
Course taught 100% in English

A Bachelor's degree in International Management is a generalist and professional programme given in 3 years, based on recognised and active teaching methods. Study abroad on your school's campus (France, UK, Ireland) or at a partner university, develop your skills (internships, associative projects, work-study programmes, etc.), then enter the professional world or continue your studies towards a Master programme.


What is a Bachelor International Management?

A Bachelor's degree in International Management is a generalist undergraduate business programme that integrates work experience, a strong international outlook and fosters the development of business skills which are essential in the professional world. 

Gain the leadership experience needed to become a successful manager in a company or start your own business.

At EM Normandie, this programme is validated by a "Bac+3 visa" issued by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI).

Bachelor of Business Management

Develop the essential and multidisciplinary knowledge of the middle manager starting with the fundamentals of economics and management (accounting, law, project management, finance, leadership, organisation management, marketing, etc.).

Open yourself up to the international scene by going on an immersion course in a partner university or on your school's campuses, immerse yourself in a different economic and cultural environment and optimise your language skills.

Enjoy a wide range of in-company experiences (internships, work experience, challenges, etc.) and enrich your general culture. Put your knowledge of project management into practice through teamwork and associative projects and develop a managerial profile prepared for the business world.

What is the difference between a BIM and a BBA degree?

Both courses share the same final objective: to prepare you for a career as a middle manager. However, Business Schools differ from the universities in several ways:

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degrees focus on preparing you for key positions within public, private, and nonprofit organisations by giving you solid foundations in the understanding of business. These undergraduate academic programmes are offered by Business Schools or universities around the world and can either be taught over 3 or 4 years.

Usually half of the programme consists of general education classes, such as marketing, human resources, accounting, communication, finance and advanced business software. Many programmes incorporate training and practical experience, in the form of case studies, presentations, internships, industry visits and interaction with industry experts.

Career opportunities after a BBA exist in a variety of sectors including human resources, education, government, retail, private business and banking.

Bachelor in International Business (BIM) programmes have a strong international orientation and focus a lot on work experience by integrating internships, practical work and case-studies with an international outlook.

Common concepts discussed in BIM programmes include international trade, international marketing, cross-cultural business practice, marketing and business economics.

In the last year, numerous specialisations and electives are available to allow you to specialise in several fields of your choice and thus distinguish yourself on the job market.

Why join a Bachelor International Management? 

By joining a Bachelor International Management, multiply your experiences and boost the attractiveness of your profile:

why join a Bachelor in Business management ?

Immerse yourself in the professional world

Get a comprehensive view of how companies work thanks to multidisciplinary teaching: management, audit-finance, marketing, logistics, etc. Identify the areas you are passionate about while developing a foundation of generalist skills that will open you up to multiple business sectors and management functions. With the work-study option available at the end of the course, accelerate your professionalisation and land a job before the end of your studies.

Specialise in your field

In the final year of the programme, choose your specialisations in dedicated areas such as logistics, finance, marketing, international trade, etc. Develop the essential hard and soft skills, apply your knowledge through practical cases and become a professional valued by recruiters in your field of activity.

Develop your international mindset

By studying in another country, you will develop your international outlook, improve your language skills and open the doors to a career abroad or in France, in a company open to the world. There are several options available to you: study at a partner university or on your school's international campuses.

Get involved in community life

Experience incredible human adventures by joining a humanitarian project, organising sports or cultural events, committing yourself to sustainable development, etc. Become professional and challenge yourself with concrete projects and transform your passion into a profession!

How to choose a Bachelor International Management? 

Faced with the multitude of business degrees available on the market, choosing the Bachelor International Management programme best suited to your profile can sometimes prove complex. Here are a few tips to help you find your way around.

How to choose your Bachelor in Management

Build your career path in three years

If you wish to enter the job market quickly after High School, it is advisable to choose a programme that allows you to accumulate experiences (internships, study-abroad programmes, projects, challenges etc.) that will enhance your profile.

Rather than embarking on a rigid, step-by-step programme, choose from a variety of opportunities in terms of electives, specialisations, work experience and international experiences thanks to the EM Normandie BIM programme.

Find specialisations in line with your aspirations

Business Schools' Bachelor programmes offer many different specialisations. Faced with this vast choice, it is essential to identify the school that has proven expertise in a specific field: interventions by expert professionals, thematic seminars, publications by teacher-researchers, projects entrusted by companies, etc.

To open up as many possibilities as possible, look for institutions that offer a wide range of specialisations at the end of the course.

Choose a world-renowned school

Universities, Institutes of Business Administration (IAE), Graduate Schools of Business… the range of management training courses on offer is very diverse and it is often difficult to find your way around.

Relying on a school's reputation, on the content of programmes and on the quality of the Faculty are valuable indicators for judging a Business School. Labels and international accreditations such as EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA as well as national and international rankings are important elements to be taken into account when making a choice.

Give value to your degree by choosing a world-renowned school that offers high-quality programmes tailored to the needs of recruiters.

Assess the quality of partner companies 

In the business world, being referenced is often a non-negligible asset for starting a career. In this field, the networks of graduates and the partnerships that a school maintains with companies are strong points to take into account when choosing a Bachelor's degree.

Accreditations, labels and rankings

Accreditations, labels and national and international rankings testify to the excellence of a school of business and its programmes. In all three areas, EM Normandie wins all the accolades thanks to its exemplary performance in key areas: strategy, pedagogy, faculty, research, international relations, corporate relations and the future of graduates.


EM Normandie is triple accredited with EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA. Less than 1% of business schools in the world hold this triple crown.

It has held EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) accreditation since 2016, AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) accreditation since 2014 and AMBA (Association of MBAs) accreditation since 2022.

It is also a member of the French "Conférence des Grandes Écoles" (CGE), a highly selective circle that includes 38 management schools out of the 400 existing in France.


Learn more about accreditations


EM Normandie's Bachelor International Management is entitled to deliver a 3-year degree. This authorisation is validated by the "Commission d'Evaluation des Formations et des Diplômes de Gestion" (CEFDG). The visa is a recognition of the quality of EM Normandie's training, its pedagogy and its Facuty and guarantees that students have the necessary skills to enter the job market successfully.

Labels Bachelor Management International


Built around criteria specific to each publication, these rankings assess the quality of teaching, international openness, the quality of research and teaching staff, accreditations and labels as well as the professional integration of graduates and relations with the business world.

EM Normandie is listed in the Financial Times Top 90 European Business Schools.

Financial Times

In France, EM Normandie's Bachelor International Management is in the Top 10 of various rankings:

Top 10 Bachelor Management International

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The EM Normandie Bachelor International Management

With its numerous options, opportunities for internships and study-abroad periods, the Bachelor International Management degree allows you to acquire, in just 3 years, all the knowledge, openness to the world and experience to quickly start a career.

Bachelor International Management - Year 1 admission

Access via online application based on student qualifications

Langue enseignement françaisLangue enseignement anglais

Le Havre

Undergraduate - 3-year degree

Rythm: Full-time


More details

Bachelor International Management - Year 3 admission

Access via online application based on student qualifications

Langue enseignement françaisLangue enseignement anglais

Caen, Le Havre, Paris

Undergraduate - 1-year degree

Rythm: Full-time


More details

How to integrate the Bachelor International Management programme?

Year 1 admission requirements

The programme is open to students under 22 years old holding or are in the process of validating a non-French Baccalaureate diploma, or equivalent. No English language test score is required for students holding a degree from an English-speaking university.

Year 3 admission requirements

The programme is open to students having completed or are in the process of completing a degree equivalent to 2 years in Higher Education (or Bac+2).
An official English language certification will be required for students whose mother-tongue is not English, unless their medium of studies was English.

Admission to a Bachelor in Business Management

The EM Normandie learning experience

The EM Normandie Experience is a global vision focused on a single objective: to give you the means to be an actor in your personal and professional development.

Parcours Carrière

Thanks to the Career Path, a unique support system with a dedicated team, you will learn to become aware of your talents, of the values that motivate you and of your skills development at each stage of your career: associative, professional, international and academic, in order to embark on a bold career as a responsible manager committed to society.

live the experience of a French business school

Develop your skills with the EM Normandie Bachelor’s degree

Choosing EM Normandie's Bachelor International Management means opting for a different vision of knowledge. You choose a fast track to employment and leave the school with a complete background : a comprehensive tailor-made course in a multicultural environment

Dive into the heart of your learning through a permanent Test and Learn approach, mobilise the knowledge acquired in class and apply it in real company situations: challenges, business games, up to 9 months of internships, work-study programme offered in the third year, etc. 

Become a player in your learning thanks to an immersive teaching method based on experiential learning. Experience creative and engaging courses thanks to Flex rooms equipped with the latest educational technologies and encouraging interaction.

Because behavioural skills are as important as technical skills, the School pays particular attention to the acquisition of Soft Skills (critical thinking, emotional intelligence, creativity, etc.) which are actively sought after by recruiters. Why? To train future ethical managers, capable of mobilising diverse skills, taking initiatives, having ideas and expressing them effectively while adopting the necessary distance to work in a team while respecting the role of each person.


Shonnead Degremont diplômée du Bachelor Management

The Bachelor International Management offers an exciting course within a group of students from all over the world and the opportunity to explore other cultures. Seduced by the atmosphere, the quality of the teaching, the proximity with the teachers and the associative life, I decided to pursue my course at EM Normandie with a Master in Management.

Shonnead Degrémont
Graduate of the EM Normandie Bachelor International Management

Explore the world and multiply your range of possibilities

By joining the Bachelor International Management programme, you can spend up to 24 months in partner universities and earn an internationally recognised dual degree. Stay at the heart of the EM Normandie experience on the Dublin campus - the nerve centre of major international groups focused on new technologies and innovation. Benefit from a rich community and social life and an environment focused on knowledge and multicultural richness.

Discover the School’s campuses


100% English courses to open up to an international career

In addition to academic expatriation stays offered at different stages of the programme, follow your course 100% in English on the School's campuses and choose as a second language one of the 9 modern languages taught at EM Normandie.

An extensive network of partner universities

Aware that the ambition of its students knows no boundaries, the School has woven a vast network of more than 200 partner universities around the world recognised for their excellence. What for? To offer you a wide range of opportunities and to encourage you to explore the world.

Immerse yourself in another culture in Asia while earning a dual degree, discover other ways of thinking at the gateway to Europe, improve your level of English by going to North America, ... Living an international adventure is a founding choice in life and an opportunity to be seized.

Partner univerties map

Discover your future destination

What to do after a Bachelor International Management programme?

The EM Normandie BIM programme is the ideal course to obtain a quick visa to work. However, in order to continue your training and develop expertise in a specific field, there are different ways of boosting your profile.

EM Normandie Master’s degree in Business

The EM Normandie Master in Management is accessible to international students in two years. Admission is carried out after a 3-year undergraduate degree outside France (Licence degree, Bachelor’s degree, Benke...) and is based on the student's academic record.

Choose the course that will complement your Bachelor's degree and even refine your career goals. Become an expert in your field by choosing one of the 19 specialisations, 11 of which are offered 100% in English during the last year.
Gain work-experience and expertise by following a course that combines fundamental teachings, electives, professional and engaging projects. 

Discover the Master in Management

MS® and MSc®

MS® and Masters of Science® are one-year cutting-edge training courses that combine academic seminars and in-company assignments led by professor-researchers and professionals. A 4-to-6 month internship, depending on the programme, often concludes each Master of Science® and post-master degree (MS®). These two types of programmes, which are recognised career accelerators, adopt the same structure: the MS® are taught in French, whereas Masters of Science® are 100% taught in English.

Discover the postgraduate courses

Opportunites of the Bachelor International Management

Develop versatility in numerous fields as well as expertise in specific areas and multiply the range of possibilities in terms of integration on the work market after degree completion.

Integration into the professional world

One of the main strengths of an International Bachelor's degree in Management is that it enables rapid integration into the job market after the course or even before graduation, for 61% of them.

For example, according to the integration survey carried out by the CGE, 89% of young graduates in employment found their job within 4 months.

Professional integration of Bachelor's International Management graduates 2022
Professional integration of Bachelor's International Management graduates 2022


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