Bachelor en Management International - accès Bac

Bachelor in International Management International - Year 3

Year 3 and final year of the Bachelor's degree in International Management lets you choose amongst three professionalising options taught in French or English.


Accessible on the Le Havre campus, in Paris or at a partner university, the third year of the Bachelor International Management is the year of specialisation and preparation for entering the job market. Depending on your project and your ambitions, several specialisations are available to you:

  • International Business: to specialise in business in an international context with courses 100% in English.
  • Logistics and International Trade: to master the fundamentals of the logistics chain
  • Double degree at a partner university: for an additional asset to your profile and international recognition
  • Work-study: on the Paris campus, for accelerated professionalisation
Bachelor Management International - year 3
The Specialisations of the Bachelor International Management
International Business

Option taught 100% in English / Le Havre Campus


  • Onboarding sessions : marketing, finance, accounting, Excel, team building
  • International press review
  • International business law
  • International marketing
  • International trade
  • International logistics
  • Innovative entrepreneurship
  • International organisational behaviour
  • Business Intelligence
  • Career Path
  • FL2 (French as Foreign Language) / LV2


  • Business Ethics
  • Human ressources management
  • International finance
  • Entrepreneurship and business plan
  • Global negotiations
  • Customer satisfaction management
  • Cultural intelligence
  • Managing global teams
  • Career Path
  • FL2 (French as Foreign Language) / LV2
  • Research methods and dissertation


  • 3 to 5 months in France or abroad (compulsory)
  • Career

    • Head of Import/Export
    • Export Sales Executive
    • Assistant Product Manager
    • International Buyer  
Logistics and International Trade

Taught in French - Le Havre Campus

This option trains operational executives who can master the entire logistics chain, from supply to stock management, from distribution to all main means of transportation whatever the industry. 

First Semester

  • International Business Law
  • International Press Review
  • International Marketing
  • Maritime Law
  • Management of International Teams
  • Excel
  • Purchasing
  • French written proficiency test
  • Career path
  • English
  • Second Foreign Language

Second semester

  • Business Ethics
  • Financial Analysis
  • Business Plan
  • Business Game
  • International Trade
  • Maritime Transport
  • Multi-modal Transport
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Data analysis
  • Logistics 4.0
  • Academic integrity
  • English
  • Second Foreign Language
  • In-company Challenge
  • Thesis

Compulsory Internship

3-to-5 months in France or abroad


  • International Purchaser 
  • Logistics Manager
  • Warehouse Manager
Double Degree with a Partner University

Take your final Bachelor year with a partner university and acquire a double degree. Currently, the partner universities in this scheme are:  

  • Germany: Osnabrück 
  • Norway: Lillehammer

More about Double Degrees


Multi-specialised curriculum - Le Havre or Paris Campus

You also have the possibility to follow your third year on a work-study basis. This remains the best way to enter the professional world: 95% of work-study students have obtained an employment contract before the end of their schooling. Work-study contracts are a real pre-recruitment tool.

Strong Points

  • Multi-specialised training (Marketing, Finance, Law, Management, Distribution, E-commerce, etc.) and instructors who adapt to the problems experienced in the company.
  • A rhythm of 1 week at the school and 3 weeks in the company
  • 98% of our graduates are satisfied with their work-study program.
  • Students on work-study programmes follow a rhythm of 1 week at the school and 3 weeks in a company.

Semester 1

  • Finance / Banking / Insurance
  • Sale of financial products
  • Market Finance
  • European Business Law
  • Marketing / Sales
  • B to B marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Supply Chain / Purchasing / Trade
  • Development strategies
  • Information Systems Applied to International Trade
  • Legal & fiscal aspects
  • Managerial environment
  • Business English
  • Team management
  • Half-yearly activity report

Semester 2

  • Finance / Banking / Insurance
  • Choice of financing
  • Wealth management
  • Marketing / Sales
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Steering commercial performance
  • Supply Chain / Purchasing / Trade
  • Port Management
  • International logistics
  • Managerial environment
  • Business English
  • Team management
  • Career path
  • Digital identity management
  • Half-yearly activity report 2
  • Challenge
  • Thesis

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