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Bachelor International Management - 3rd year

In the final year of the Bachelor International Management, build your own course by choosing among various options taught in English or a double degree with a partner university.


The third year of the Bachelor International Management is the year of specialisation and preparation for the job market.

With the flexible course on the Le Havre campus, develop your fundamental hard skills and soft skills, but also complementary skills.


A flexible course with electives and options to select from.

Work-study with multiple specialisms

A Business Game to learn how to establish and refine your sales and marketing strategy.

The Career Path, a reflective support system designed to help you become aware of your talents, the values that drive you, and your development of skills at each stage of your career at the School.


A flexible course

On the Le Havre campus or in a partner university, take advantage of the flexible course to develop, in addition to the fundamental hard and soft skills, additional skills related to your professional project and to differentiate yourself in front of recruiters.

Semester 1

5 electives to choose from:

Curriculum taught in English:

  • Geopolitics
  • Internet of things and blockchain
  • International finance
  • Marketing management
  • Multicultural management

Curriculum taught in French:

  • Démarche marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership et management des équipes
  • Management de la qualité
  • Supply chain management

First living language (English)

Second living language from a choice of 9 languages

Semester 2

1 option to choose from:

  • Service industries
    - Marketing services
    - Tourism and hospitality services
    - Financial and gaming services
  • Digital Business
    - Digital marketing applications
    - Internet law and cybersecurity
    - E-commerce operations
  • Logistics
    - Multimodal transportation
    - Logistics 4.0
    - Port management

First living language (English)

Second living language from a choice of 9 languages

Business Game

Via an online platform of business games simulating real-life decision-making scenarios, challenge yourself as a group on strategies to conquer new international markets. Implement your sales and marketing strategy. Use algorithms to observe market reactions and analyse your performance indicators. Develop your strategy over the course of the sessions to achieve your objectives.


Semesters 1 and 2

Study for a dual-degree at an international partner university.


Participation to a Citizen or Associative Project.

Writing and defending a thesis.

Compulsory internship in France or internationally: 12 to 24 weeks.

Work-study with multiple specialisms

Access Possible with for "Post BAC+2 Degrees"

Semesters 1 and 2 

  • Démarche marketing
  • Entrepreneuriat
  • Finance Internationale
  • Géopolitique
  • Introduction au marketing digital
  • Management interculturel
  • Management stratégique
  • Management supply chain
  • Méthodologie de recherche
  • Négociation commerciale
  • Anglais des affaires


Wanting to dive straight into the business world, gain experience and put my knowledge into practice helped me choose to join the Bachelor’s in International Management and opt for a work-study programme for the 3rd year. The pace is pretty frenetic but I get a real sense of satisfaction from managing specific projects. The course has real cachet, as I was fortunate enough to be hired before even getting my degree. Today, I am an International Market Researcher for a business in the luxury sector.

2019 Graduate

Parcours Carrière EM Normandie

The third year of the Bachelor International Management is an opportunity to finalise your professional profile. To help you get to know yourself better, develop your attractiveness and enhance your talents, the Career Path (Parcours Carrière) provides you with personal development tools and workshops to help you develop your network, enhance your CV and prepare for interviews. Above all, it gives you the keys to finding your way.

Key Skills: Critical thinking ▪ Management ▪ Teamwork


My Talent Check

How can you enhance your profile and your EM Normandie Experience? This is the essential question that My Talent Check prepares you for. Offered to all BMI3 students and supervised by recruitment specialists, this individual and personalised interview enables you to test your ability to conduct a job interview and to highlight your experience and express who you are as an individual: your talents, your motivational factors and your values.

Key Skills: Ability to solve complex problems ▪ Judgment and decision making ▪ Service orientation

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