Associate Professor in Strategy and Marketing

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Strategy & Entrepreneurship
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Customer relations
Marketing Introduction
Business Models
Amira Laifi is an Associate Professor of Strategy and Marketing. She joined EM Normandie in 2010. She has a PhD in management science from the Université de Caen-Normandie, awarded in 2009. Her thesis is on the legitimisation of an innovative business model: the case of the digital library Cyberlibris. Her research interests are institutional theory, innovative business models, new organisations, critical approaches in entrepreneurship and entrepreneuring. She is particularly interested in artistic, creative and cultural industries and digital business models.
2009 : PhD in Management Science, Université de Caen-Normandie
Professional experience

Since 2010 : professor in strategy and maketing, EM Normandie
2007-2009 : lecturer, University Schools of Management, Rouen
2005-2006 : lecturer, University of Caen-Normandie and Paris 5

+33 (0)2 31 46 78 78
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Year of publication


Laifi, A 2009, 'La légitimisation d’un Business Model innovant : cas de la bibliothèque numérique Cyberlibris', PhD in Management, Université de Caen-Normandie, Caen, France.

PhD Dissertation / Accreditation to Supervise Management Research
Germain, O & Laifi, A 2018, 'Les possibilités de la fiction pour rendre présente l'organisation', Revue internationale de psychosociologie et de gestion des comportements organisationnels, vol. XXIV, no. 2018/57, pp.195-208; FNEGE: 4; HCERES: C
Academic articles
Laifi, A & Josserand, E 2016, 'Legitimation in practice: A new digital publishing business model', Journal of Business Research, vol. 69, no. 7, pp.2343-2352, July.; CNRS: 2; AERES: A; FNEGE: 2
Academic articles
Laifi, A 2014, 'Le créateur : acteur pivot du processus de légitimation d’un business model décalé', Humanisme et Entreprise, no. 316, pp.91-110, January-February.; CNRS: 4; AERES: C
Academic articles
Laifi, A 2012, 'De la légitimité d’un Business Model innovant : cas de la bibliothèque numérique Cyberlibris', Revue Française de Gestion, vol. 38, no. 223, pp.75-89, April.; CNRS: 4; AERES: C; FNEGE: 4
Academic articles

Laifi, A & Germain, O 2021, ‘La légitimité des nouvelles entreprises dans des champs émergents à l’épreuve de l’indétermination du processus entrepreneurial’, Les 8èmes Journées Georges Doriot, 27-28 mai.

Academic communications

Germain, O & Laifi, A (forthcoming), 'Entre-prendre la recherche en management : inquiétude, affirmation et devenir-minoritaire. Un détour par Médiapart', Revue Française de Gestion. CNRS : 3 ; FNEGE : 2 ; HCERES : A

Academic communications
Laifi, A & Germain, O 2016, 'Les conduites d’émancipation sur la route de la légitimité. Le cas de la création de Mediapart', 6èmes Journées Georges Doriot, Mons, Belgium, 19-20 mai
Academic communications
Laifi, A & Germain, O 2015, 'Deconstructing the constraints of legitimacy in entrepreneurship: The quest for emancipation in venture creation', 9th International Conference in Critical Management Studies, Leicester, United Kingdom, July 8-10
Academic communications
Laifi, A 2014, 'Deconstructing the constraints of legitimacy in entrepreneurship: the search for emancipation in venture creation. Insights from a French online newspaper’s venturing process', 4rd Interreg Conference ‘Global culture and creativity: from design to innovation and enterprise?, Winchester, United Kingdom, 6-7 novembre
Academic communications