Agnis Stibe

Agnis Stibe

Professor in Transformation

Agnis Stibe
Discipline department
Supply Chain & Digital Management
Teaching area
Strategy: Business StartUp
Managing Artificial Intelligence
Becoming a Transformational Leader
Leading Organizational Change
Agnis Stibe is a Professor of Transformation. He joined EM Normandie in 2020. He has a PhD in Information Processing Science from the University of Oulu, Finland, awarded in 2014 and held a postdoctoral position at the MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2017. His thesis is on Transformation Science & Practice. His research interests are transformation processes, leadership, artificial intelligence, social psychology and neuroscience. He has worked for Fortune 100 companies including Hewlett-Packard and Oracle. He provides consultancy services to companies and entrepreneurs worldwide. He is the Academic Director of M2 Artificial Intelligence at EM Normandie.
2014 : PhD in Information Processing Science, University of Oulu, Finland
Professional experience

Since 2020 : professor in humans resources, EM Normandie
Since 2020 : trans tech Paris leader, Silicon Valley founded Transformative Technology Community
Since 2017 : founder and global thought leader, TRANSFORMS.ME
2017-2020 : professor of transformation and academic director of graduate program transforming IMBA, ESLSCA Business School Paris
2014-2017 : transforming cities, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2011-2014 : social engineer, University of Oulu
2008-2010 : business development director, First Data International
2006-2007 : technology sales manager, Oracle
2004-2006 : client principal, Hewlett-Packard
2002-2004 : customer relations manager, MicroLink
1997-2002 : executive director, ADM Interactive
1993-1997 : deputy IT director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Latvia

Agnis Stibe
+33 (0) 1 72 98 59 53
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Year of publication


Stibe, A 2014, 'Socially Influencing Systems: Persuading People to Engage with Publicly Displayed Twitter-based Systems', Ph.D. in Information Processing Science, University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland.

PhD Dissertation / Accreditation to Supervise Management Research

Krüger, N, Behne, A, Beinke, J.H, Stibe, A & Teuteberg, F 2022, 'Exploring user acceptance determinants of COVID-19-tracing apps to manage the pandemic', International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction, vol. 18, n 1, pp.1-27. CNRS : 4 ; HCERES : C.

Academic articles

Gaile, A, Baumane-Vītoliņa, I, Kivipõld, K, & Stibe, A 2022, 'Examining subjective career success of knowledge workers', Review of Managerial Science, vol. 16, pp. 2135–2160. CNRS : 4 ; HCERES : C ; ABS : 2.

Academic articles

Stibe, A 2020, 'Pārmaiņas notiek visu laiku', Dienas Bizness, June 9.

Academic articles

Stibe, A 2020, 'Transforming Technology for Global Business Acceleration and Change Management', Journal of Global Information Technology Management, vol. 23:2, pp. 83-88.

Academic articles

Stibe, A 2020, 'Change Masters: Using the Transformation Gene to Empower Hyper-Performance at Work',  Workforce Insights Online Journal, vol. 2(1), pp. 14-19.

Academic articles

Dace, E, Stibe, A & Timma, L 2019, 'A Holistic Approach to Manage Environmental Quality by Using the Kano Model and Social Cognitive Theory', Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, pp. 1-14. FNEGE : 3

Academic articles

Cyr, D, Head, M, Lim, E & Stibe, A 2018, 'Using the Elaboration Likelihood Model to Examine Online Persuasion through Website Design', Information & Management. CNRS : 2; FNEGE : 1

Academic articles

Hofmeister, T. B & Stibe, A 2017, 'Living Mobility Transitions towards Bicycling: Designing Practices through Co-Creation and Socially Influencing Systems', The Design Journal, pp. S3305-S3316, online September 6.

Academic articles

Millonig, A, Wunsch, M, Stibe, A, Seer, S, Dai, C, Schechtner, K & Chin, R.C.C 2016, 'Gamification and Social Dynamics Behind Corporate Cycling Campaigns', Transportation Research Procedia, vol. 19, pp. 33-39.

Academic articles